Apr 072010

PECO (Philadelphia Electric Company for those outside the Delaware Valley), has a nice website for anyone in their service area who wants to save some money by going green.  It is called PECO Smart Ideas, and it is described as “a program that shows you new ways to use less energy and hold onto more of your hard-earned dollars.”  I have personally benefited from the “Smart Lighting Discounts” that have made compact fluorescent light bulbs very inexpensive at stores like Home Depot.  I have been able to switch a lot of the fixtures in our house over to CFL’s, and this program helped make the transition more affordable.  My industrious wife has been looking into the rebates that PECO is offering for Energy Star qualified appliances.  We may be able to get rebates for the clothes washer and dish washer we installed last fall.  If you’re in the market for any new appliances (washer, dryer, dishwasher, air conditioner, etc.), you may want to check this site to see if any of the offers would work for you.

Why would PECO want to hand out these rebates and work with retailers like Home Depot to sponsor these deals?  Continue reading »