Jul 052010

Ever since I started this blog, I had it in the back of my mind that I should spend some time writing down some of my memories of my trip to Japan before they get too foggy or slip away.  Since it was a year ago last week and this week (June 24th – July 8th, 2009), I thought it would be fitting to start now.  Since this is Independence Day weekend, I would like to share a little about my 4th of July experience in this first post.  It’s a little off-topic for the blog, but I’m going to let it slide since Architecture is part of our cultural experience, and 4th of July celebrations are significant cultural rituals.

View of the work site where I was located on July 4th, 2009

Most years I'm at the beach or visiting family on July 4th. In 2009 I was visiting this church in Japan.

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Apr 122010

As I write, I am enjoying the dusk of a beautiful spring day, sitting on my back patio (no HGTV, it’s not a lanai! – sorry, pet peeve of architectural terminology) with my laptop on my wireless network (this is, after all, the reason laptops and 802.11g were invented, isn’t it?).  I love this time of year because it’s not too hot yet, there are fewer bugs out at night to bother me, and the landscape is a stunning canvas of green, pink, purple, red, and just about every color the Creator programmed into nature.  There are even a few robins fighting over the territory of my oak tree – must be a good site for nesting.

Two red and yellow tulips in my garden.

Some of the colors of spring.

Ah, a good site.  That is the beginning of every architecture project, whether it’s developing a greenfield that’s never had construction or renovating a portion of an existing building or previously developed brownfield site.  As an architect, I probably look at my property a little differently than the average homeowner, and that includes a studied approach to planning every improvement, especially a building project like a new shed.  I’ve had it simmering on the back burner for several months as we have worked on more important projects inside the house, but it was suddenly thrust to the foreground this past Friday by a storm front that moved through during the night.  My wife and I only woke up briefly at about 1:45 Friday morning when we heard a noise and the power went out.  It was raining, but there wasn’t that much wind (the trash cans on curb for Friday pickup were all standing where they were left earlier in the evening).

My first view of the shed from the back window.

My first view of the shed from the back window.

I called the automated PECO response line with my cell pone and found out that out outage was already reported, but they were still looking for the cause.  They had the same message on the phone system when we got up in the morning, but that turned out to be misleading.  Hearing some trucks in the area, I walked around to see if I could see where they were working.  I got to one of our back windows and got my answer – “Honey,” I said,”they’re in our shed!”

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