Jul 102011
Fence post sketch exported from Sketchbook Mobile

This is the quick sketch I drew on my iPhone using Sketchbook Mobile.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to help my brother in law build a fence at his Victorian style home. When I arrived at the job site, there was a question about how best to meet the front of the house. We needed a quick answer in order to get to the home improvement store in time to keep on schedule. After discussing a few ideas and taking a closer look at the site, I came up with what I thought was a workable solution. I just needed a way to describe it. Thankfully, I had my iPhone already loaded with Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile, a great little app that comes in very handy in situations like this.

Sketchbook Mobile let me take a picture of the job site and insert it directly to a drawing layer. I then activated another layer on top of the photo, picked some contrasting colors from the color selector, and began sketching on top of the photo with my finger. Using your fingers takes a little practice, but it helps that you can easily zoom and pan using two fingers. The image above is a copy of the resulting sketch. For this blog post I simply exported it to the “camera roll” and then used WordPress Mobile to upload the image to my blog.
In case you’re wondering, the sketch was approved and we headed off to the store for supplies. The second picture shows the same location with the sketched fence structure in place.

Photo of the built fence post.

This is a photo of the fence post I built based on the Sketchbook Mobile sketch.

Have you tried Sketchbook Mobile or Mobile Express? Do you have any questions about it? Do you use it in any of your workflows?