Mar 102010

As I learn more about WordPress and its capabilities, I’m finding that I can get different functionality with different graphic themes.  I could take the time to learn how to build my own theme, but right now I’m more focused on the functional aspects of the blog (i.e. content organization, syndication, etc.).  Thankfully, there are a lot talented designers on the web who build WordPress themes and make them available under the GNU/GPL license in the WordPress theme directory.  I have now installed a great new theme from the directory, and I have just barely started to play with all features it adds to my blog site.  The only problem now is the temptation to play around with the site layout instead of finishing some of the posts I have sitting in my drafts folder.  Hopefully I can find a balance between adjusting site design and creating site content.  And if you’re reading this on the blog (as opposed to RSS), let me know if you have any trouble loading the graphics – I don’t really want to debate aesthetics, but I do want the site to load in your browser.