Sep 282010
Shed design image - exterior perspective.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately. It turns out that it’s difficult to find time for blogging when I’m spending most of my free time on a building project. They’re both enjoyable activities, but I have to admit that given the choice, I really prefer building things to writing. Those familiar with the commercial building industry might ask why I became an architect instead of a contractor if I enjoy building so much (for those who don’t know, architects have to write a lot – specifications, notes on drawings, reports, meeting minutes, etc., etc., etc.). That’s probably a topic for another day. Suffice it to say that I not only enjoy building, but also the challenge of designing; and the best way to get in the thick of the design process is to be an architect. So, being the designing/building enjoying person that I am, I’ve been really focused on getting the shed built, especially now that fall is starting, the days are shorter, and the weather less predictable.

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Aug 032010

I finally got around to upgrading my blog site to WordPress 3.0 tonight. It was actually a very easy upgrade. The most labor-intensive part of the process was backing up the database and files for the site prior to the actual upgrade. Thankfully, HostGator provides a nice hosting control panel that includes automated procedures for creating backup files for download. I didn’t even have to go into phpMyAdmin to download the database. This is not like the old days when I would spend a whole night ftp’ing files back and forth to update a website and then hacking the database to fix things that didn’t work with the new files. I did get a little adventurous with the theme update: WP warns you that your customizations will be lost if you use the automatic update, but I did it anyway. I did lose the customizations at first, but Sayontan, the theme designer, included some nice upgrade scripts that recovered the customizations. I’m still missing the ads, but I was planning to figure out another way to embed them anyway – now I have an excuse.

Feb 242010

It took me a few days of playing around with settings to get the site ready for action, and I’m now ready to start writing!  This is just a brief post to show that the system is working.  I am using WordPress 2.9.2, and so far it is fantastic.  I’m looking forward to learning about WP as I progress with this project.

Snow - testing image features.