Apr 222012

Light. It’s one of those essential subjects of the practice of architecture that really energizes my thinking and my work. In this post, my first on the topic of light, I am going back to the beginning of my education in architectural design. The photos below were taken looking into a special kind of model called a “light box”. The inside of the box is assembled from white cardboard (chipboard) with the particular design to be studied.  The outside of the box is dark/black with two,or more carefully placed openings: at least one to act as a light source, and another for viewing into the box.  To test the design, the designer places his desk lamp at the light source opening and/or moves it across the opening while viewing the inside through the viewing hole.  For greater complexity, the designer can also shape the light source opening and/or add more of them.  The light box is a model and an abstraction, but it is a great way to see of the power of built forms to shape light and vice versa.

Light Box 1 - Toothy Side

This is my first light box, seen from one of two view ports.

Light Box 1 - Curved Side

My first Light Box, viewed on the curving side.













Light Box 2 - Evening

My second light box, with the light source low on the other side.

Light Box 2 - Noon

My second Light Box, with a high, direct light source.