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This is the part of the blog where I post some of the best products and services I’ve found in all my explorations.  These links are mainly in the area of computer tech, but I’ll list anything that’s especially deserving of a permanent link here.  One reason that most, if not all, of these links make it to this page, besides being ABWODI, is their ability to help all of us out by using them.  That’s a nice way saying they offer incentive/affiliate programs that can reward you (and me) by using and/or passing them on.  So yes, I would benefit when you follow through on one of these links, but I would only offer it here if I thought that you could benefit from it too.

My Browser:

Everyone needs a web browser, and there are a number of good ones on the market right now.  I also use Google Chrome, but it still has problems with a number of web standards that cause many sites to behave/look abnormal.  Spread Firefox Affiliate ButtonInternet Explorer is still the biggest in terms of gross market share, but it has plenty of problems of its own.  For almost all of my personal browsing and especially for editing this blog, I prefer Mozilla FireFox.  If you don’t have it yet, please follow the link above to get a copy and try it out!

Mozy Online Backup:

Stay tuned – info coming soon!

Web Hosting:

Unlike a browser, a web host is not quite essential for everyone.  But the costs are so low that anyone considering any sort of serious activity on the internet should consider getting a hosting account.  Depending on the package you pick, you can probably get more email accounts and server space than you will ever need.

After using several different free and low-budget hosting companies, I landed at  I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to contact support in several years, and every time has been a pleasure due to the knowledgeable and helpful attitudes of the staff.  I am not just HostGator affiliate, I am also a HostGator customer.  Please feel free to tweet me or leave a comment if you have any questions about my experience with

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