Dec 212015

Thank you all for visiting my little corner of the Internet.  I know you have a nearly infinite set of options when it comes to on-line reading material, and I really appreciate any time you spend here.  As we approach another Christmas holiday, I want to wish you true joy and peace that can only come from knowing the King of Kings, who was born in a humble stable.  The image below is a little drawing I created in the SketchBook Pro app on my iPad – I hope you enjoy it!

 “When the angels went away from them into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us.” 16 And they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in a manger. ” ~ Luke 2:15-16


Feb 142015

I have wasted many hours trying to get online at the Smugglers’ Notch resort, and I hope this blog will help save you some aggravation.  Smugglers’ Notch provides such great amenities and family friendly accommodations that it’s pretty natural to bring our “big-city” technology along to take photos and videos to share with family and friends on-line.  This is precisely where Smugglers’ Notch falls down.  They have been trying desperately in recent years to catch up with the demand for access to modern communications, but they continue to be hampered by their rural location and service providers.  This year felt worse than ever, and by mid-week I was disappointed enough to start a public conversation about it on Twitter.

Smugglers Notch is a ski / snowboarding resort in Vermont.

Smugglers Notch is a ski / snowboarding resort in Vermont.

In case you’re just investigating Smugglers’ Notch and have never been there, here’s a little background.  Smugglers Notch is primarily a ski and snowboarding resort in the Green Mountains of northern Vermont, though they offer vacations and activities all year.  They often receive awards for their family friendly atmosphere, not to mention great terrain.  The resort is a few miles south of the nearest accessible town, Jeffersonville, and it sits just north of rival resort town, Stowe.  Smugglers’ Notch recently became part of the Wyndham organization.  We’ve enjoyed taking winter vacations there for many years, and (full disclosure) my in-laws are fractional owners of a condo there.  The atmosphere is great, the staff is friendly, and the ski instructors are top notch (pun?).

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Sep 142011

Have you ever done this?


I was recently sorting through several spare computer parts in my home office and decided to figure out if this mother board still worked.  I know, it’s a risky thing to test out an old motherboard.  It’s kind of like eating a box of chocolates – you know how the rest of the line goes.  Anyway, I had a pretty good suspicion that this board was only lacking a power supply, but the only (ATX 24-pin) power supply I had available was in this other I had rebuilt within the past few years.  So, rather than run out to MicroCenter and drop $15-20 on a power supply that I may or may not use, I opened up the working PC case and began to do a little surgery.

I disconnected the power from everything in working case, and I pulled the cables out to the test board just outside the case.  I hooked up a spare CD drive to run a live Ubuntu disk, and I plugged in the basic KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) hardware.  Once I had all of that, I realized I need a way to turn it on, so I pulled the power switch cable from the working case and attached it to the test board.  After a double check of all the cables, I plugged in the power and hit the switch.  Thankfully, there was smoke and no sparks.  In fact, the rig roared to life, booted Ubuntu, and even connected to the internet.

This test was a success.  I don’t recommend it for timid or inexperienced, but in a pinch it can work.  Now I just need to find another power supply…